Donatello Armchair & Sofas

Cassini sofas are available in 2 seater, 2 seater large and 3 seater versions.

These products are Hoist Compatible. 

They feature 18cm/7" leg height for hoist access.



Large 2 SeaterStandard 2 SeaterArmchair
Seat height 43cm / 17" 43cm / 17" 43cm / 17"
Height 82cm / 32" 82cm / 32" 82cm / 32"
Depth 80cm / 31" 80cm / 31" 80cm / 31"
Length 201cm / 79" 169cm / 67" 111cm / 44"



In line with our policy of continual product improvement we reserve the right to alter the specification of these products

Fabric choice

These stylish, compact sofas and armchairs are available in a comprehensive choice of Waterproof Leather Look Vinyls or a wide range of Waterproof/Breathable Soft Feel Fabrics. 

Both types of waterproof fabrics have anti-microbial and anti-fungal finishes to reduce infection from MRSA and similar micro-organisms and are graded for “Contract” use, resistant to staining from ink, urine, grease, blood etc.

Please contact the office for details.