Nautilus Fabric – Water Resistant and Breathable Mattresses

For less challenging situations where user comfort is more important than mattress robustness, we offer mattresses which are water resistant and breathable.

These are NHS grade products covered in the revolutionary Nautilus Contract fabric. The water resistant layer of the fabric is located underneath the durable, breathable, hypoallergenic cotton blend top surface. Perspiration issues are minimised, which may aid more restful sleep, whilst still providing excellent resistance to water.

The Nautilus fabric has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties (MRSA resistant) and is cleaned with a standard anti bacterial agent.

These mattresses can be used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty PVC covered beds.

As the use of metal springs inside the mattress may not be suitable for all users, we offer an all foam interior option.

Nautilus Water Resistant /Breathable Mattresses

3’ Mattress 9g metal springs (std single)191 x 91 x 18 cm (6'3" x 3' x 7")
3’ Mattress all-foam interior (std single)191 x 91 x 18 cm (6'3" x 3' x 7")
4’6” Mattress 9g metal springs (std double)191 x 137 x 18 cm (6'3" x 4'6" x 7")
4’6” Mattress all-foam interior (std double)191 x 137 x 18 cm (6'3" x 4'6" x 7")

Cleaning instructions are issued with all these items. Further copies are available via email.

All components used in our products meet current FR standards.

In line with our policy of continual product improvement we reserve the right to alter the specification of these products