Padded PVC Covered Wall Boards and Flooring

For Relaxation and Safety……

To help create safe spaces, we supply a range of padded wall boards and flooring. Typically, these products are used in chill-out, quiet, calming and de-escalation rooms. The protective wall and floor pads can help protect clients from impact injuries caused from collision with hard surfaces.


Padded Boards for Walls

Impact absorbing 6cm* thick foam pads, mounted onto 9 mm thick MDF boards and covered with a highly durable, easily cleaned PVC.  The PVC is available in either Cream or Dark Blue*.


Floor Pads

Floor Pads are made from 10cm thick*, HR40 foam, covered in either the Cream or Dark Blue heavy duty PVC*.

*Other thicknesses of foam are available

Padded floor and wall boards are available in any size up to a maximum of 244 x 122cm (8′ x 4′). Only regular rectangle or square shapes can be produced. All boards and pads are made to order.

Other colours are available, subject to minimum order/volume requirements.


Please email with the sizes of boards / flooring you require for a quotation