Foam Furniture:

Foam Seating and Tables are specifically designed for those with severe and unpredictable behavioural problems. There are no hard surfaces, zips or sharp edges. Client’s hands are always visible and there is nowhere to conceal objects.

The solid blocks of foam can be covered in Microcare, Vinyl or a heavy duty PVC fabric which are all urine resistant and easily cleaned.

Relaxation Chairs

Incredibly comfortable…..the chairs incorporate a thick layer of Tempur, the “memory” foam developed by NASA to improve seating comfort and g-force protection in spacecraft.

The Tempur is temperature sensitive and moulds to the contours of the body, absorbing its weight and relieving stress and tension.

Although securely fitted, (an allen key is required) the covers are simple to remove and can be purchased separately from the chairs.

The height of the seat is 17½” (44cm) and has a width of 22″ (56cm).The overall height of the chair is 37″ (94cm) and it has a maximum depth of 41″ (104cm).

Modular style chairs

Can be used as single seats or pushed together to make longer sitting areas. The particular chairs shown are upholstered in Carrera Blue/Purple Microcare.


Available in various lengths and seat heights. The pictured settee is a 65″ long and is upholstered in Burgundy Microcare.

Occasional Tables

Easily cleaned tables constructed in a variety of sizes.
The images show square tables 26”x26” (66x66cm).


The Beige Vinyl table is 20” (51cm) high,
whilst the Blue Vinyl table is 18” (46cm) high.


A range of sizes and shapes offered with a choice of fabric coverings.

Circular seat upholstered in a heavy duty, Blue PVC covering.
H18” (46cm) with an 18” (46cm) diameter.

Circular seat upholstered in Fire Red Microcare.
The seat is H18″ (46cm) with a diameter of 18″ (46cm).

An 18” (46cm) cube shaped seat upholstered in Strike Canyon Microcare.

In line with our policy of continual product improvement we reserve the right to alter the specification of these products